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No matter your situation, we will purchase your home, as-is, making the sale of your home as stress-free and quickly as possible! Get A Free, No-Obligation Cash Offer Today.

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No matter your situation, we will purchase your home, as-is, making the sale of your home as stress-free and quickly as possible! Get A Free, No-Obligation Cash Offer Today.

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At Empire Funding, we understand that speed is often of the essence when selling a property. Depending on the specific circumstances, we can complete the purchase of your house within a few days to a couple of weeks, ensuring a swift and stress-free transaction.

Empire Funding is committed to providing solutions for a wide range of real estate problems. We buy homes in any condition and under various circumstances, including but not limited to properties under foreclosure, burdened with liens, or in need of serious repairs. We also accommodate sellers going through life transitions like divorce or relocation.

Every property is unique, and the offer we make is based on various factors like the condition of the property, market value, and the cost of any necessary repairs. What we can assure you is that we aim to offer a fair and sizeable sum for your property, providing you with the financial relief you need.

Almost any condition or circumstance qualifies your home for purchase by Empire Funding. Whether your property is under foreclosure, burdened with liens, requires extensive repairs, or you’re dealing with personal situations like divorce or urgent relocation, we are here to provide a swift and smooth selling solution.

If you’re facing foreclosure, Empire Funding can help by purchasing your home swiftly, helping you avoid the foreclosure process and its negative impact on your credit history. Once you get in touch with us and provide details about your property, we will review the information, assess the situation, and make a no-obligation offer. If you accept, we can complete the purchase in a matter of days or weeks, depending on your individual needs.

Absolutely! When it comes to selling your house fast, the condition of your home will not affect whether or not we will buy. We have purchased homes throughout the United States that were in the worst conditions imaginable. We work directly with dozens of home remodeling companies so the repairs will always be taken care of. Worse case scenario would be that our team will have to conduct a full home redesign and remodel if the condition of your home is too severe. Thinking about selling your home fast? Give us a call today to schedule a home walk-through with a free, no-obligation offer. 

No, fortunately for you we are not real estate agents. When you are selling your home with a licensed real estate agent, you instantly give us a percentage of the transaction of the sale of your home straight to the agent assisting you. We are regular people just like yourself that invest in local real estate properties. Instead of dealing with a bank to finance the purchase, we are the bank! 

Absolutely. At Empire Funding, we specialize in dealing with complex real estate situations. We understand that liens can create complications when selling a property, but we have the expertise to navigate these complexities. We can buy your house as-is, liens included, and work out the details on our end.

Divorce can be a difficult and stressful time, and selling a home can add to that stress. At Empire Funding, we aim to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We work with both parties involved to ensure a fair and speedy sale. Our process is designed to respect your privacy and make the transition easier.


Yes, Empire Funding can expedite the buying process to meet your timeline. We understand that life circumstances sometimes require quick moves. Once you contact us and provide the necessary information about your property, we can make you an offer and close the deal within days to a couple of weeks, depending on your specific needs.


No, you won’t. When we say we buy homes in “any condition”, we truly mean it. You don’t need to worry about repairs, renovations, or even cleaning up. We will buy your property as-is, saving you time, money, and the stress of getting your home ready for sale.

Remember, our priority at Empire Funding is to make the selling process as easy and hassle-free for you as possible. If you have any more questions or concerns, we’re always here to help.

One of the benefits of selling your home to Empire Funding is that there are no hidden fees or commissions. Unlike traditional real estate sales, which can involve agent commissions and closing costs, we cover all associated costs. Our goal is to make the process as straightforward and cost-effective for you as possible.

At Empire Funding, we evaluate a number of factors to determine the value of your home. This includes the current market value of similar properties in your area, the condition of your property, and the cost of any necessary repairs or renovations. This comprehensive approach ensures we provide a fair offer that reflects the true value of your property.

Absolutely. Inheriting a property can sometimes be more of a burden than a benefit, especially when it comes to the costs of upkeep or settling the estate. Empire Funding can purchase your inherited property swiftly, providing you with a hassle-free solution and the financial freedom you need.

Initiating the process with Empire Funding is simple. Reach out to us through our website, email, or phone, and provide us with the necessary information about your property. Once we have these details, we’ll review your situation and make a no-obligation offer. If you choose to accept, we can proceed with the closing process at a pace that suits you.

Absolutely. At Empire Funding, we specialize in helping homeowners who are facing difficult financial situations. If you’re behind on payments, we can buy your home quickly to help you avoid further financial stress or potential foreclosure.


Selling your home to Empire Funding is typically faster and more straightforward than listing it on the open market with a real estate agent. We buy homes directly, meaning there are no showings, no waiting for buyer financing, and no uncertainty. Additionally, we buy homes as-is, so you won’t need to worry about repairs or improvements. Lastly, we don’t charge any fees or commissions, unlike traditional real estate agents.


We understand that moving can be a complex process, and we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible. While the specific timeline will depend on the terms agreed upon during the sale, we strive to provide a flexible schedule that allows you to move at a pace that suits your needs.

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Selling your home is not an easy process, specifically when you need to sell your home fast. If you are in a hurry like most homeowners that frequently ask us questions, then chances are you are already thinking about the small time frame that you have to sell your home. If you are thinking about your family or living situation and how can you provide a safe and better living situation for them and yourself then we can help you! We can give you and your family the life that they deserve to have.

Although this is your goal, things will get in the way like how long it may take to sell your home with an agent or selling your house before foreclosure. Mortgage payments can also get in the way if you are late or struggling with the mortgage. Other various reasons include; bad tenets, repairs or even upkeep on your home that may be damaged. We can take care of this for you and give you an offer for your home without ANY repairs.


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Funding by Empire – Buying Homes in Fresno City College Area

Who We Are:

Funding by Empire is your go-to real estate investor in Fresno County, CA, particularly around the vibrant area of Fresno City College. With nearly a decade of experience, we specialize in buying homes swiftly, offering cash deals to facilitate homeowners going through varied circumstances such as delayed mortgage payments, foreclosure, or urgent relocations.

What We Do:

Whether your home is tucked in the bustling college district, near community resources, or in the growth area homes near the city hall, we ensure a hassle-free selling experience. Our extensive knowledge and skills in real estate, coupled with a keen understanding of the Fresno CA real estate market, empower us to offer fair and quick deals, making us a notable name amongst the listing brokers in the area.

Our Services:

  • Fast Cash Offers: We make cash offers exclusively, enabling homeowners to navigate through their urgent needs without the delay of traditional mortgage rates and processes.

  • Any Condition Accepted: Be it pretty or ugly, new or old, we buy homes in any state, mitigating the worries about repairs or renovations.

  • Quick Closings: Our proficiency allows us to close deals promptly, offering relief to those in immediate need to sell.

  • Moving Assistance: Recognizing the challenges of relocation, we extend help with moving costs when necessary.

Fresno City College Area:

Situated in the heart of Fresno CA, the Fresno City College area is a hub of academic vibrancy and community engagement. It’s a place brimming with energy, making it a desirable location for homeowners and students alike. With the college serving as a centerpiece, the region is well-connected, offering a myriad of facilities including apartments for rent, food industry services, and is governed by fair housing policies ensuring equal housing opportunity.

Why Choose Us:

In a city that values education and community, Funding by Empire stands as a reliable partner for homeowners looking to sell. We uphold the principles of fair and transparent dealings, contributing to the thriving Fresno homes market. Our seamless process respects your personal information and aligns with the protocols set by the Association of Realtors and MLS where the listing is filed.

Connect with Us!

Explore the possibilities with Funding by Empire as you plan to sell your property in the Fresno City College area. We are here to make your home selling journey smooth and rewarding. Check our website for more details and let us guide you through a quick and efficient home sale!

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Get in touch with us now and experience a hassle-free way to sell your home in the Fresno City College area!


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ABOUT Fresno City College, CA

Discover Fresno City College, Fresno County, CA

Introduction to Fresno City College

Fresno City College (FCC) is a vibrant educational hub located in the heart of Fresno, CA, within Fresno County. Established in 1910, it is the oldest community college in California. Offering a diverse range of academic programs, FCC serves as a pivotal center for knowledge, culture, and community engagement. Visit the Fresno City College official website for more information on programs and campus life.

Points of Interest

  1. Old Administration Building:

    • The historic Old Administration Building at FCC is a sight to behold, reflecting the rich architectural heritage of the region.

  2. FCC Art Space Gallery:

    • The FCC Art Space Gallery showcases a variety of art exhibitions, featuring works from students, faculty, and renowned artists.

  3. Ratcliffe Stadium:

    • Home to athletic events and competitions, Ratcliffe Stadium is where the energy and spirit of FCC come alive.

Places to Eat

  • Ike’s Love & Sandwiches:

    • Located near FCC, Ike’s offers a variety of gourmet sandwiches, making it a popular spot among students and locals.

  • Dog House Grill:

    • A short drive from FCC, Dog House Grill is known for its delicious barbecue and friendly atmosphere.

  • Dutch Bros Coffee:

    • A favorite for coffee lovers, Dutch Bros serves a wide range of coffees, teas, and smoothies.

Places to Visit

  • Fresno Chaffee Zoo:

    • Located in Roeding Park, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo is a family-friendly destination featuring diverse animal exhibits.

  • Woodward Park:

    • A peaceful retreat in the city, Woodward Park offers walking trails, picnic areas, and beautiful landscapes.

  • Tower District:

    • Explore Fresno’s historic Tower District for a mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

City Information

  • Location: Fresno City College, 1101 E University Ave, Fresno, CA 93741, Fresno County.

  • District: State Center Community College District.

  • Enrollment: Approximately 24,000 students.

  • Website: Fresno City College.

Funding by Empire – Your Trusted Home Buyers in Fresno

Discover the ease of selling your home with Funding by Empire, your reliable real estate partner in Fresno County. We buy homes in any condition around Fresno City College, offering fast and fair all-cash deals. Whether you’re moving, avoiding foreclosure, or dealing with an inherited property, we ensure a smooth and transparent selling process, tailored to your needs. Contact us today, and experience a hassle-free way to sell your home fast for cash in Fresno, CA!